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Night Shoot Eindhoven,  13 September 2011

For a long time I wanted to make some night shots at my home base Eindhoven. A few days prior I had the opportunity to take some night shots of the Gulfstream of the Bahraini Amiri Flight that visited Eindhoven. Today a Romanian C-27J was expected to arrive in the evening, so I decided to bring the camera again. First I took some shots of the departing C-17 and some of the locals parked at the military ramp. Later that evening I was able to take some beautiful shots of the Romanian C-27J from my office.


After my evening shift I picked up my friend Maurice and drove towards the military ramp to take some night shots of the Romanian visitor which stayed overnight. As a lot of local aircraft were parked outside as well we decided to give ourselves as small tour over the military ramp. First some shots of the two C-130s, followed by de 'new' DC-10 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. We ended our private night shot with some shots of the Gulfstream.


The last four shots you'l find below are of the Bahraini Amiri Flight Gulfstream. Hope you like the result of this night shoot.





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