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Belgian Air Cadets at Weelde,  27 July 2011

After the big success of last year, my friend Mark and I decided to spent another day with the Belgian Air Cadets. Around nine o'clock in the morning I picked up Mark at his home and we drove towards Goetsenhoven Airbase. At this base the Headquarters of the Belgian Air Cadets is located. When we arrived here we were told that all gliders were gone to the summer camps in Weelde and Bertrix. As we heard some activity in one of the hangars we tried our luck and asked politely to have a look. A total of three gliders where found here in overhaul.


From Goetsenhoven we drove towards Weelde where we had a great visit last year. We had a nice talk with some of the instructors and asked whether it was possible to take some shots of the gliders, just like last year. A few minutes later we were guided to the gliding strip. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as last year, but we really had a great time. Later that afternoon, after we left the base, we found ourselves a nice spot in the landing area. A very big thanks goes out to the friendly crew of the Belgian Air Cadets.     (Click here for a log)





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