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Algerians visit Eindhoven Airport again,  28 Jan. 2011

Last year an Algerian AF C-130H-30 Hercules visited Eindhoven Airport to pick up some passport machines. During their stay they mentioned the possible visit of a Algerian AF Il-76 to pick up some more machines. However due to the noise abatement at Eindhoven such noisy aircraft are not allowed at the civil part of airfield.


Early this year the request came for two Algerian AF C-130s in stead of the Il-76. Again to pick up some passport machines. The visit of these rarely seen aircraft was a good opportunity for the local spotter group EWAS to organize a small spottersday. 


On Friday the 28th a total of 40 spotters were welcome at Eindhoven Airbase. A colleague of Air Traffic Control arranged some extra movements by calling to other airbases. This resulted in some very nice approaches of some F-16s, a German Tornado and a very nice German Typhoon. Together with the two visiting Algerian Hercules this all made the spottersday a great success. Good job guys!!     (Click here for a full log)




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