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100 ans Aeronavale  BAN HyŤres,  12/13 June 2010

To celebrate the 100 years anniversary of French Naval Aviation (Aeronavale) a big airshow was organized at BAN HyŤres-Le Palyvestre. Besides the airshow on the 13th of June a nice spottersday was arranged on the arrival day.


In 1911 Helen Dutrieu made a 38 minutes flight in her Farman, which marked the beginning of aviation history in the Palyvestre area. In 1920 the French Navy used the airfield for the first time operating the Hanriot, and two years later the first hangar was built. In 1925 the Naval Base was officially created and called Centre d'Aviation Maritime du Palyvestre. During the WW2 most of the Naval Base was destroyed.


In 1966 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the French Navy and several airlines. Since then the Naval Base is also used as a civil airport. Nowadays approximately one million passengers pass through the civil terminal every year. Three Flotilles and a test unit are based at BAN HyŤres-Le Palyvestre operating helicopters, like the Lynx, Dauphin and Panther.  



Spottersday Arrival Day

12 June 2010


100 ans Aeronavale Airshow

13 june 2010





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