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Southern France Tour,  10-17 June 2010

The Garuda Exercise and the Airshow at BAN Hyères-Le Palyvestre was of course the main reason for my tour to Southern France. At first we planned to make it a family holiday combined with two days of spotting, but the medical situation of my girlfriend didn't allow her to go. Therefore I decided to go to Southern France on my own.


We already booked our flights with RyanAir to Marseille-Marignane and we also booked our stay at Camping Le Mas in Martigues. As a lot of spotters planned to visit the same area during this week I asked some friends to stay at my caravan for a few days. Maurice and Fred from afterburner.nl joined me from Saturday till Wednesday morning.


During my departure from Eindhoven Airport on the 10th I already met one of the spotters. Wijgert joined me during the first two days of my stay, and we hooked up several times during the week. Below you'll find some links to the photos I took during this week. Hope you like them!     (Click here for a log)





   Harbor & Saint Victoret

        10-17 June 2010


100 ans Aeronavale Airshow

BAN Hyères-Le Palyvestre

12/13 June 2010



Exercise Garuda

BA115 Orange-Caritat

14 June 2010


           Exercise Garuda

           BA125 Istres-Le Tubé

         16 June 2010




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