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NATO Tiger Meet  Volkel AB,  5-8 October 2010

This years NATO Tiger Meet was held at Volkel AB, The Netherlands, hosted by the Dutch 313 Tiger Squadron. During two weeks in October a full scale exercise was held in Dutch airspace. During the eight flying days a total of 644 sorties were flown of the actually planned 715 sorties. Unfortunately the economic crisis played a roll in this years Tiger Meet as some squadrons had to cancel their participations due to budget problems. Nevertheless over 50 aircraft operated out of Volkel AB, and a USAF KC-135 flew aerial refueling missions from Eindhoven AB.


As I live only a few kilometers from Volkel AB, I planned several trips take some shots. On the 5th I visited Volkel AB in the afternoon. But a very big cloud was overhead the airbase during recovery. On the 6th my girlfriend Angèl and I had some very nice opportunities along the runway, but again the weather didn't cooperate. On the 7th a very good spottersday was organized, which started with mist and ended with clouds. And on the 8th I tried again, and I had the opportunity to take some shots from the new ATC tower. But again is was cloudy.  (Click here for a log)





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