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Luchtmachtdagen  Gilze-Rijen AB,  18 June 2010

Only one day after I got back from Southern France the next event was on the calendar, the Luchtmachtdagen 2010 at Gilze-Rijen AB. As I had to work during the weekend, I decided to visit the Friday show. In the morning I picked up my good friend Mark, together we drove to Gilze-Rijen AB.


We first walked along the static display to take some shots over there. Halfway the morning we walked to the press area where we had two seats, arranged by another good friend. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate at all during the day. We had some small rain showers, and overcast al most all day long. This made it all very hard to take some good shots.


Normally I follow the speculations about the participants on the internet. This year I didn't, so I was hoping for some nice surprises. The participants list was very disappointing, which made it in my opinion a very pore openday. For me the highlight of this years Luchtmachtdagen was the NH90 of the Finnish Air Force. Hopefully more luck next year!     (Click here for a full log)




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