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Frisian Flag Leeuwarden AB,  14 April 2010

Finally, after months of waiting the new season started again. For me the opening of the season was the exercise Frisian Flag 2010 held at Leeuwarden AB in April. Last year I didn't visit Leeuwarden AB during the exercise as the participation list was very disappointing. This year however we are looking at the best Frisian Flag of the last ten years. Unfortunately all foreign participants decided to cancel their participation halfway the exercise as a result of the ash cloud coming from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland.


I was pretty lucky to visit Leeuwarden AB in the first week of the exercise, on the day prior the air space closures. We found ourselves a nice spot near de LCB 06, along the runway, where we stayed during both the morning and the afternoon wave. Finally I was able to test my new Canon lens on some heavy fighter violence. After all, I'm very happy with the result, which made it very hard to choose out of the  1250 shots I took during this day. Therefore I decided to split the shots into seven separate pages, as you can see below.     (Click here for a log)




         Finnish Air Force

          F-18C Hornet


German Air Force

F-4F Phantom



Polish Air Force

F-16C/D Viper


            Royal Norwegian AF

         Da-20ECM / F-16AM Viper




Royal Netherlands AF

F-16AM/BM Viper


Royal Swedish Air Force

JAS-39C/D Gripen



United States Air Force

F-15C/D Eagle






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