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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2010

The year 2010 started with a surprising visitor, a C-130 Hercules of the Algerian Air Force. It was parked at the civil apron of Eindhoven Airport and picked up some passport machines. A full report on this nice visit can be found here. This year we also saw the visits of some US Navy C-26s. These got a new paintjob at the Aviation Cosmethics. Another nice US visitor was the C-130 that visited Eindhoven in July, belonging to the US Marines Corps.


One of the most memorable days of 2010 was September 1st, when the European Air Transport Command (EATC) Headquarters was opened at Eindhoven. This brought some very nice visitors to Eindhoven including some French CN-235s, a German A-319 and a first visit of an Airbus A-400M which made a fly-by. A full report on this day can be found here.


That same month the anniversary of Market Garden was held at Eindhoven for the second time. Besides the regular RAF and USAF C-130s and the two Dakotas, the celebration saw a German participant for the first time, a C-160 Transall.





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