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EATC Opening Ceremony Eindhoven,  1 Sept. 2010

After several years of planning the (EATC) European Air Transport Command Headquarters was officially opened at Eindhoven AB. This event brought some really nice visitors to my home base to bring guests from all participating countries to the opening ceremony. During this day I had evening shift, so I was able to take lots of shots of the visiting aircraft throughout the day.


When I arrived around eleven o'clock in the morning the first visitors had already arrived. I decided to take some shots of those aircraft first as I still had some nice sunny weather. Throughout the day more clouds came in, so I sometimes had some bad luck while taking some action shots.


A total of fifteen foreign aircraft visited Eindhoven AB this day. Some of my personal highlights were the French CN-235s and the German VIP-transports, the CL-601 Challenger and their new Airbus A.319. For most people the highlight of the day was the third prototype of the Airbus A.400M which participated in the opening fly-by.     (Click here for a full log)




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