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Belgian Air Cadets at Weelde,   25 August 2010

Every year the Belgian Air Cadets are organizing summer camps for their new future fighter pilots. To witness the glider flying at Weelde in Belgium, my good friend Mark and I decided to go there on a nice summer day.


Mark picked me up around nine o'clock in the morning, and only an hour later we arrived at the hangar of the Belgian Air Cadets at Weelde. The gate was open so we decided to ask whether it was possible to take some shots of the gliders. This was absolutely no problem, and a few minutes later we were guided to the gliding strip.


They started flying around seven o'clock in the morning, so when we arrived at the gliding strip a total of six gliders were present. The friendly crew of the Belgian Air Cadets told us it was no problem to take pictures of the glider activity as long as we stayed clear of the gliding strip. We were able to take some very nice shots of the gliders from various locations and in different positions.


After 90 minutes of non stop flying activity we decided to go back to the hangar to take some shots over there. Around twelve o'clock we left Weelde again and drove to Gilze-Rijen AB to see some helicopter activity. A very big thanks goes out to the very friendly crew of the Belgian Air Cadets and of course to my good friend Mark.     (Click here for a log of this visit)


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