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Northern France Tour,  27-29 May 2009

In the beginning of this year I started planning a trip to Romania. The Romanian authorities organized a press tour to several military airbases. Unfortunately the press tour was cancelled by the Romanian Air Force Headquarters a few weeks prior our departure.


We decided not to travel to Romania as it is very hard over there to spot from outside the fence. Therefore we had to come up with a back up plan. To keep it as cheap as possible we decided to plan a small trip to Northern France. As I didn't visit the last spottersday at Florennes, we planned to visit the last TLP at Florennes on the first day of our tour.


Unfortunately our fourth team member wasn't able to join us during our Northern France Tour. So on Wednesday the 27th I picked up Mike Schoenmaker and Niels Hoogenboom at their home and drove towards Belgium. The weather forecast for the first two days of our tour was not as good as we all hoped, for both days overcast was forecasted.           (Click here for a full log of the tour)



 TLP 2009/03  Florennes

         27 May 2009


BA133 Nancy-Ochey

28 May 2009



BA116 Luxeuil-St.Sauveur

28 May 2009


           BA113 St.Dizier-Robinson

          29 May 2009





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