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NATO Tiger Meet  Kleine Brogel 18 September 2009

The 45th NATO Tiger Meet was held at Kleine Brogel AB. By coincidence I planned our Family Holiday in the weeks prior the spottersday. So when I came back from Italy on the 17th, the day after it was already time for one of the highlights of the year.


At seven o'clock in the morning I picked up Mark in Veghel and only an hour later we arrived at the parking near the airbase. The organization did a great job. Despite the long queues at the entrance we entered the base within half an hour. Well done!


We were surprise the static display was very small compared to the previous spottersdays held at Kleine Brogel. However we were pretty happy with the few Tigers that were parked at the parallel taxiway. The organization did their best to keep the spotters happy. All aircraft that landed taxied via the parallel taxiway to their parking positions at the other side of the airfield. The weather was perfect, nice clear sky, and a nice temperature. So we really had all the ingredients to make it another unforgettable day at Keebee.   (Click here for a full log)



Morning Mission &

Tiger Fly-by


Afternoon Mission &

Static Display





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