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Luchtmachtdagen  Volkel AB,  17-21 June 2009

The Luchtmachtdagen (Air Force Days), formerly known as the KLu Opendays were held at Volkel AB again this year. During these days a variety of aerobatic teams, solo displays and historical flights can be seen.


The organization did a great job and invited some really nice highlights to the show. Besides the Polish Air Force MiG-29 and the Italian NH90, for most people the real highlight was a former RAF Vulcan bomber.


As I live in Uden, which is only 3 kms from  Volkel AB I was able to visit both the show days as well as some arrival and departure days.


It took me a while to sort out the 2500+ shots I took during the five days I spent at Volkel AB. As it is impossible to put all the shots on one page, I decided to create a page for every single day and one for the nice static display, which was very well positioned again.   (Click here for a full log of the Luchtmachtdagen)




   Arrivals & Rehearsals

         17 June 2009




Arrivals & Rehearsals

18 June 2009




Luchtmachtdagen Day 1

19 June 2009




Luchtmachtdagen Day 2  

20 June 2009          






21 June 2009



Static Display

17-20 June 2009





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