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Italian Vipers at Volkel AB19 November 2009

On Tuesday the 17th of November, four Italian Vipers arrived at Volkel to exercise with the locals. The day after their arrival they planned two missions. Unfortunately the afternoon mission was cancelled due to the heavy wind.


As I had a day off on Thursday I decided to go to Volkel to see them depart back to Trapani. Around 10.30h I arrived at Volkel and first took some shots at the Safari-park (flightline). Departure was planned at twelve o'clock local time, so half an hour prior I went to LCB 24 to take pictures of them with the sun in my back. After the Italians were airborne, the morning wave of the locals started to recover. As the sun was at a pretty good position I decided to stay a little longer to take some landing shots.  (Click here for a log)


To fill the gap between the retirement of the F-104 Starfighter and the delivery of the new EF2000 Typhoon, the Italian Air Force leased thirty F-16A-ADF and four F-16B. The F-16s are operated by the 5th Stormo at Cervia and the 37th Stormo at Trapani. Five have been written off since their delivery in 2003.





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