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TLP 2009/02  Florennes AB,  2 April 2009

The second Tactical Leadership Program of the year held at Florennes saw some nice participants again. For the second time the Polish Air Force send some of their new F-16's. Also not often seen during the TLP are the Greek Mirage 2000's from TanĂ¡gra AB. These two very  nice participants were for me the main reason to visit Florennes again.


Around eight o'clock I picked up Fred and later we picked up Niels at a carpool parking near Eindhoven. We had some traffic jams in the neighborhood of Eindhoven and Maastricht but still we where nice on time. We arrived at Florennes around 11.30h and the locals were about to return from their first mission of the day.


The weather during the whole day was very good. So finally I had some luck at Florennes. Runway 08 was in use during the day, however we stayed at the spotter place on the other side to take some take off shots. Most of the spotters left this side and drove to the other side for the standard landing shots. We decided to stay here for some very nice taxi shots.     (Click here for a full log)





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