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Two cold days at Ramstein AB,  29 December 2008

As most of us had some days off in the last few days of the year. We decided to visit Ramstein Air Base on December 29th 2008. Very early in the morning I picked up Mark, Mike and Hans for our trip to Germany. The weather forecast was pretty good for this day, but very cold. Around 8 o'clock in the morning we arrived at Spangdahlem Air Base, but nothing much was going on around here. There was only one Galaxy parked at the AMC-ramp. We decided not to stay too long, so drove further to Ramstein Air Base. Here we arrived at 9.30h in the morning.


At first it looked like they were using the eastern landings, but when the first aircraft came in, they used the western landing. We decided drive to the other side, but when we arrived here and saw the UC-35 come in, the changed runways again. Unfortunately there weren't much AMC-flight schedueled for today, so it was really a very long and cold day. Around five o'clock the sun set, so we drove back home. Here we arrived four hours later, as we had a quick stop at the McDonalds. Here are ten shots of this cold day in December.



Two cold days at Ramstein AB,  29 January 2009


At first we planned to visit the TLP at Florennes to see the Polish Vipers, but some messages on the Scramble Messageboard made us decide to skip Florennes and go to Ramstein Air Base instead. On January 29th 2009 I picked up Niels at the carpool around 5.30h in the morning. Only three hours later we arrived at a very cold Ramstein.


Just like a month ago, the weather forecast was pretty good, but again very cold. Today it was even colder due to the 15 knots winds. They also used the eastern landing again, which is very good to take some nice landing and taxi shots. Unlike last month there where a lot of AMC-flights and also the local Hercules' flew very good. Around five o'clock Niels and I walked back to the car, where we arrived half frozen. From here we were able to take the last few shots of the day when a C-5 and a C-17 departed. Although, I'm only interested in military aircraft, you'll find some shots of the civil transporters here as well. Just because it is very nice to see these big birds.   (Click here for a full log of both days)




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