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Madrid Area Tour,  15-18 October 2008

In the end of 2007 when our team was together during a TLP at Florennes we made some plans to go to Spain. We few weeks later I started planning the trip to the Madrid-area. In the direct neighbourhood of Madrid you can find four military airbases. Three airforce bases and an army base which is located a little north of Madrid. Despite several phone calls, faxes and emails to the airbases, headquarters and the embassy we didn't succeed in getting base visits.


Early this year, we booked our flight to Madrid-Barajas with RyanAir. At first we wanted to go from my home base Eindhoven, but the flights from Charleroi Airport were much cheaper. And as one of the goals of the trip was, as cheap as it gets, we decided to fly from this Belgian airport. Via the links below you will find a complete report on our four day tour around the Madrid-area.


Leaves me just one thing, a very big thank you to my three mates who made this trip again an unforgettable experience. Mark, Mike and Niels, you guys rock!   (Click here for a full log of the tour)



       Torrejón de Ardoz

       15 October 2008


Getafe & Colmenar Viejo

16 October 2008



Torrejón de Ardoz

17 October 2008


            Museo del Aire

          18 October 2008





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