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Kecskemét Airshow,  16 August 2008

The fact that the RIAT at Fairford was cancelled this year made me searching for another great airshow in Europe. As I visited last years airshow at Kecskemét, I knew a what to expect here. So after a few phone calls our team was complete and subscribed for the press accreditation. Due to the bad weather forecast given for Saturdays show we waited till Thursday afternoon to make our final call to go to Kecskemét, as the forecast became better and better every hour.


Friday afternoon around 1 o'clock Mike, Niels and I finally departed towards Hungary for this years main event. Due to the huge distance we decided to make some short stops every now and then, so our first stop was made at the airport of Köln-Bonn. Here we noted only two A.310's of the German Air Force. From here we drove a 90 minutes further for our second stop at US Army base Wiesbaden AAF. We saw a lot of C-12's and UC-35's but in the end we only managed to read four of the C-12's and three UC-35's, including a piece of the US Marine Corps.




      Hungarian Air Force

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         Aerobatic Team

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We left Wiesbaden AAF around six o'clock in the evening and after a good meal at a truck stop near Regensburg we passed the Austrian border around midnight. The nice weather we had throughout the day was completely gone and it started raining pretty hard. Halfway Austria we were in the middle of some very heavy rain and thunderstorms which was a very impressive sight. Two ours later when we entered Hungary the rain stopped and the weather got better. Finally after 1450 kms we arrived at Kecskemét around 5 o'clock in the morning. The press registration office was still closed at that time so we entered base two hours later.


First we walked around the static display, to take some shots of the parked aircraft. Around 8.30 o'clock we walked to the press accommodation to find a nice spot for photographing the flying displays. Just like last year the Hungarian Air Force did a very good job, as they arranged two big trailers along the display line especially for members of the press. From these trailers we had a clear view on the flightlines, taxiway and runway, even over the high fences. The weather was really cloudy during the morning and we even felt a few rain drops. Later that day in the early afternoon the clouds were gone and the weather was really perfect. This made it a lot easier to take some very nice shots of the flying displays.


Around 17.30 o'clock we walked back to our car which was nicely parked on base. From here we drove back towards Austria were we already booked a hotel near the city St.Pölten. After again a pretty long drive we arrived here around ten o'clock in the evening, were we finally fell a sleep after being awake for almost 40 hours! The next day we started our way back home in the early morning and made our first stop at the airport of Linz-Hörsching. Here we only saw one Austrian Hercules and a couple of dumped Drakens. Later that day after a few traffic jams in Germany we finally arrived in Uden at 19.45h, after driving 2889 kms in two and half days.


A very big thank you goes out to the Hungarian Air Force and organisation of this years airshow. You guys did again a very good job and I loved very minute on base. I'd also like to thank my travel partners Mike and Niels for this very nice weekend.   (Click here for a full log of the weekend)


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