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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2008

The year 2008 saw some very nice and rare visitors. It all started with the Turkish Ce-650 that visited Eindhoven on February 6th. Also not often seen in The Netherlands is the CN-235 of the Irish Air Corps that visited us in April.


The month June saw a three nice visitors. On the 6th a Spanish Air Force Boeing 707 visited Eindhoven for a fuel stop. A few days later a MC-130 from RAF Mildenhall came to Eindhoven to perform a para drop mission together with Dutch Special Forces. A week later an Italian Air Force KC-130J landed at Eindhoven for a night stop.


One of the highlights is a civil one, the An-225 which visited Eindhoven in July, is still very popular with spotters. Its very impressive to see this giant depart from Eindhoven. In August we were visited by a USMC Hercules that stayed overnight. One month later we saw four nice visitors at Eindhoven. Two Ramstein Hercs, an Italian Air Force Falcon 900, and for me the highlight of the year, a Polish Air Force M-28.





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