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TLP 2008/04  Florennes AB,  10 September 2008

After a very nice visit to Kleine Brogel to see the F-16's being delivered to the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Mo and I decided to drive a little further south to visit the second TLP of the year held at Florennes.


Mo and I arrived at Florennes around 11 o'clock and the aircraft started taxiing out an hour later. Finally I had some luck with the weather at Florennes as we were able to take some really nice shots in sunny conditions. Unfortunately not all the jets were photographed with sun, but I was more than happy with the result.


Almost all aircraft flew, only two German Tornado's and a Danish Viper stayed on the ramp. Compared to other TLP's this one was very boring as there were only four different aircraft types present. However it is always very nice to see lots of Tornado's, especially the Tornado F.3's of the Royal Air Force as they will soon be replaced by the Typhoon. A big thanks goes out to Maurice for driving, and of course for the nice chat. It is always nice to travel together with you!  (Click here for a full log of the day)





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