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Switzerland Tour,  12-15 March 2007

Every year the Swiss Air Force organizes a few training courses, better know as Wiederholungskurs. During these courses the personnel is trained to keep up their operational readiness. They practise shooting, do lots of fire exercises and there is a lot of flying activity. At Meiringen both Fliegerstaffel 8 flying the F-5 Tiger and the Fliegerstaffel 11 flying the F/A-18 Hornet take part, flying from their caverns. These caverns are specially build hangars which are caved in the mountains.


The Wiederholungskurs at Meiringen was for Maurice and me the main reason for our trip to Switzerland. Before we drove towards Switzerland we visited Florennes Airbase in southern Belgium to take pictures of the participating aircraft of TLP 2007/02. Later on we drove to Ramstein AB to read the aircraft on the platform. It was already dark when we arrived here, so no pictures there. The next three days of our 4-day trip were spend in the beautiful country, Switzerland.   (Click here for a full log of the tour)


Below you'll find some links to lots of photo's I took during our trip.




TLP 2007/02 Florennes AB

          12 March 2007


Alpnach & Emmen

13/14 March 2007



WK Meiringen

14 March 2007


           WK Meiringen

         15 March 2007




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