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TLP 2007/06  Florennes AB,  7 December 2007

The last TLP of this year was held at Florennes in the last two weeks of November and the first two weeks of December. Weeks ago I decided I wanted to go there as lots of interesting participants were expected. The real highlights were the Italians again with five AV-8B Harriers and two EF2000's. This time I went there with my friends, Mark Verstraaten, Mike Schoenmaker and Niels Hoogenboom. On our way to Florennes we stopped at Zaventem-Melsbroek as a EU Meeting was planned for today. Some nice pictures could be taken as the sun came through very short. 


When we arrived at Florennes later on, we were surprised by the very strong winds. Unfortunately the TLP-mission was cancelled for the third day in a row. Despite the strong wind the locals did fly, so we waited till one o'clock when suddenly the two EF2000's taxied to the runway followed by four Spanish Hornets. Luckily they decided to fly a local mission. The Harriers didn't leave the flightline which was very disappointing as the weather turned out pretty good during the afternoon.


As you can see in the pictures we were able to take some nice shots of the Hornets in nice sunny weather with very dark clouds. After the Eurofighters and the Hornets landed we left Florennes and drove back to Zaventem-Melsbroek to see whether there was more to score since we left this morning. We were surprised by the Russian Tu-154 which was parked next to the USAF C-40B. With the last bit of sunlight we took some shots of the aircraft which were still present. Also a Hellenic Embraer was present but unfortunately we couldn't take any shots of it as it was blocked by other aircraft. When the sun was gone we also tried to make some evening shots, which is very hard without a tripod.


Anyway, we made some nice shots and left the airport around 17.30 o'clock. After a quick stop at the big yellow "M" and after I dropped off my friends I arrived home at 20.45h. Despite the TLP-mission was cancelled we had a nice day out with lots of fun, nice talks, good weather, nice shots and lots of laughter.   (Click here for a full log)





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