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Siófok-Kiliti Airport,  13 August 2007

During our holiday in Siófok, Hungary Angèl and I were lucky to visit the Police detachment at Siófok-Kiliti Airport. This small airport 4 miles south of the city Siófok has only a small grass strip. The airport is located in an ideal place for sports flying and Lake Balaton is also very close to the airport. The airport belonged to the Hungarian Army until 1989. MIG-21 fighter aircraft used it for training flights as an airport with grass-covered runway.


A few days ago we saw a Rendörség (Police) Mi-2 fly overhead the city of Siófok so we decided to have a look at the airport to see whether it's still there. When we arrived the Mi-2 just came in for landing, but as the sun wasn't in a good position it was very hard to take a good shot of it. After it landed one of the pilots invited us in and arranged a small 'base' visit at Siófok-Kiliti Airport.


During this small visit everything was possible and we were able to take shots from various positions. We were even allowed to take shots inside the helicopter. Therefore I would like to thank the friendly pilot and his crew for the nice hospitality.


History of the flying Rendörség


The Hungarian Police, or Rendörség as they call it over there received their first aircraft in 1962. This Sokol M-1D is now visible in one of the museums in Hungary. Throughout the years the Rendörség operated various type including the Aero 45, PZL-104 Wilga and two Mi-1's. Nowadays they fly with only two types, the Mi-2 and the MD-500E which are all stationed at Budapest-Ferihegy Airport. The first of a total of seven Mi-2's (R-10 till R-16) was delivered to the Rendörség in 1978. Today only three of them remain in flying condition as the other four crashed between 1983 and 1987. In 1989 the Rendörség received their first MD-500E. In total they received six of these US build helicopters of which five are still flying. One of them was lost 1994 only three years after it was delivered. During the summer a very small detachment of one or two helicopters is stationed at Siófok-Kiliti Airport. As said before Siófok-Kiliti Airport is very close to Lake Balaton, which makes it easier to do search and rescue operations. This Rendörség Mi-2, with registration R-15 and c/n 537201071 was build by PZL Swidnik and delivered in 1981.





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