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Kecskemét Airshow,  12 August 2007

Once every two years the Hungarian Air Force organizes the International Air and Military Show at MH 59. Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base, better known as Kecskemét Airbase. This year the show was held at 11 and 12 August. Already early in this years airshow season I knew I wanted to go to this years event. So you can say that this event is probably the main reason Angèl and I planned our holiday to Lake Balaton. After a long ride through Germany and Austria we arrived in Hungary on August 9th. We stayed in Hotel Venusz in Siófok, which is located approximately two hours from Kecskemét.


As we only wanted to visit one of the two show days we had to look at the weather forecasts to see what the best day was to visit the airshow. We decided to go on Sunday, but in the end it didn't really matter what day you went as both days started very wet. Sunday morning around 8 o'clock we left our hotel and drove towards Kecskemét. Fortunately I already registered for the press facilities so we were able to park the car on base without any traffic jam or other problems.


The show started with some nice overshoots of the new Gripens, two MiG-29's and two L-39's. Unfortunately it was still raining at that time. After we walked our way through the huge static display we walked up to one of the press trucks with a nice view on the display line. Around 1 o'clock in the afternoon finally the weather got better with even some nice long sunny spells. We really enjoyed the show which had some nice and sometimes scary moments as the Serbian Orao came in way to low for it's high speed pass.


The highlights of this years airshow for me were the Croatian Air Force PC-9 Team. The complete Serbian delegation and the huge amount of Hungarian Air Force aircraft. Another highlight was the Red Bull Formula One racing car which did some high speed runs. If you click here you'll find a small film I made with my cell phone. The image quality isn't that good, but just listen to the sound. A big thanks goes out to the organization of this terrific event!!     (Click here for a full log of the week)





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