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Spottersday  Kleine Brogel AB,  17 July 2007

One of the highlights of the years season is the Spottersday held at Kleine Brogel AB. For months several websites have showed lists of participating aircraft, which made the expectations very high. Well...they did it again!!


The Operational Integration Exercise which is divided in a Low-COMAO and a High-COMAO was the main event of this years spottersday. Also a CSAR demo and some solo displays were given throughout the day. The biggest highlight of this years event was certainly the Spanish F-5, which unfortunately didn't fly. Other highlights are the Czech Gripens, Italian F-16's and the full Greek delegation. 


Just like two years ago I went to Kleine Brogel together with my girlfriend Angèl. We arrived at the airbase around 11 o'clock, where we were pretty lucky as we could park the car at the disabled car park. A nice Belgian Air Force officer drove us to the static so we didn't have to wait at all. Therefore a very big thanks goes out to the organization of this years event.


After the nice Belgian officer dropped Angèl and me off at the beginning of the static display we decided to take some shots of aircraft parked on the parallel taxiway. At the beginning of the static display two Belgian F-16's with a special tail were parked next to the Belgian demo F-16. Some crews were already preparing their aircraft for their afternoon mission, so we were able to take some shots of the aircraft with their canopy open. As said before the highlight of the static display was the Spanish Air Force F-5M. Also the Turkish F-16's and French Mirage 2000 stayed on the ground. When the first aircraft began their taxi procedure to the runway we decided to find a nice spot to take some take off shots.



Early in the afternoon the QRA departed and intercepted the Belgian Air Force Embraer which was used for pleasure flight. This made it possible for some of the visitors of the spottersday to take some nice air to air shots. After these birds made a nice fly-by overhead the field it was time for some air displays. These where done by the Sea King, the Belgian demo F-16 and a fleshly painted Fouga Magister.


We found a nice spot half way the runway to make some take off shots. Most of the aircraft stayed very low during take off, or the made a nice bank towards to crowd. Especially the departures of the French Navy Rafales were pretty spectacular. When all aircraft were airborne we walked back to the end of the runway to take some shots of the aircraft taxiing in. Some of the aircraft that came back after their COMAO mission made a nice low approach or fly-by. The four Italian Vipers made a real nice pass over the runway followed by some very nice low approaches. After all we can look back to a successful event.  (Click here for a full log of the day)




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