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NATO Openday  Geilenkirchen AB,  18 June 2007

For the first time in years an openday was held at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen in Germany. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit the opendays on Saturday or Sunday so I went to Geilenkirchen on Monday to see the aircraft depart. I went there together with Maurice Hendriks and when we arrived around one o'clock in the afternoon it was already very busy with spotters. Mo and I found a nice spot at the end of the runway to take shots of the aircraft in take off.


The weather throughout the day was very unstable, with lots of sunny spells when no aircraft was near the runway and heavy clouds when most of the aircraft departed. The participation of the Polish Su-22 Fitter was one of the highlights, unfortunately this was the only jet which departed during a heavy rain shower. This made it impossible to take good pictures of it. Very disappointing, but lucky I was able to photograph this jet already at his home base Powidz in the year 2000. The participation of the B-52H was of course the highlight of the show. Below some shots taken during a four hour visit.   (Click here for a full log of departure day)





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