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BAN Lanvéoc-Poulmic,  15/16 May 2007

At first Mark Verstraaten and I planned to go to Poland this May, but as we didn’t hear any positive words from the authorities in Poland we decided to plan a short trip to the French Naval Bases in Bretagne. When we left we already knew the weather forecast was pretty bad, so you’ll see there are not many pictures online.


Monday late in evening Mark and I departed towards France. The next morning we arrived at Landivisiau around 8.30 o’clock after drive a little more than 1000 kms. When we got closer to the airfield we immediately saw some stored Etendards and Crusaders at the south-east side of the field. From this same position we saw two Da-10MER’s of the French Navy. We also tried some spots on the west and north side of the airfield which resulted in loads Super Etendards and two Rafales. Despite they kept towing Super Etendards out of their hangars, they didn’t fly at all. In the end we scored a total of 18 Super Etendards, 2 Rafales and 3 Da-10’s. Not a bad score from outside the base. But we were pretty lucky as it was dry during our stay here, which made it easier to read the aircraft.


After we visited Landivisiau we drove towards the next French Naval Base, Lanvéoc-Poulmic. Here we arrived around two o’clock in the afternoon. First we tried our luck at the eastside of the field, but the grass was very high, so we didn’t even see the airfield. The west side however is really awesome! Very close to the fence are a few hangars and ramps. Unfortunately due to the bad weather, the CAP.10’s and de MS.893’s didn’t fly in the afternoon. Only two Alouettes and a Lynx flew this afternoon. The shot of the Lynx shows how ‘good’ the weather conditions were during our stay. Despite that we had a nice score at this small naval base.


Next was the third French Naval Base for today, Lorient-Lann Bihoue. This base is very different compared to the other two bases. Lots of trees around the airfield and hardly any good road along the fence. This resulted in a very poor score at this base. We only saw a EC.145 of the Sécurité Civile and a Da-50 of the French Navy. At first we planned to visit this base again the next day, but as it's very hard to see anything from outside the base we decided to try our luck at Lanvéoc and Landivisiau the next day. Later that evening we drove back to Quimper where we booked a room at the local Formule 1 Hotel.



After a good night rest we drove towards Lanvéoc-Poulmic again. The weather this morning was much better, it didn’t rain and the sun even came through sometimes. When we arrived at the airfield we saw four CAP.10’s and a MS.893 parked at the ramp. Also a few Alouettes were parked outside again. Unfortunately the CAP.10’s didn’t fly and were pulled inside their hangar only five minutes after we arrived. The MS.893 however did fly and flew some circuits around the field. This was one of the few photo possibilities during this two day trip. Around noon we left Lanvéoc and drove towards Landivisiau again. We had a pretty good score at Lanvéoc during our two stays here. Two Super Frelons, two Lynx, four CAP.10’s, six MS.893’s and twelve Alouette 3’s.


At Landivisiau the weather was very wet and again they didn’t fly. So no shots of the Super Etendards this time. We did the same tour around the airbase as before which resulted in one new Super Etendard compared to the day before. From Landivisiau we drove towards Rennes-St.Jacques where we saw some stored aircraft and a AS.350 of the Gerdarmerie. 


The last airfield we visited during our two day tour was the AMARC of the French Air Force, Châteaudun. A few years ago loads of Mirages, Fouga’s and Paris were stored here. Since then a lot has changed, as most of these jets were scrapped or sold. During our visit we saw lots of Jaguars, six Da-20’s, twenty N.262’s and some fifteen other aircraft. Perhaps it was possible to read some more aircraft at this airfield, but as the airbase security discovered us, and called the Gendarmerie we decided to leave and drive back home. Around three o’clock in the middle of the night we arrived back home after driving 2764 kms in only two days. Mark, thanks a lot again for two wonderful days!!    (Chick here for a full log of these two days)




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