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Belgian Helidays  Liège-Bierset,  12 May 2007

After a few months waiting finally the airshow season started. Just like the previous Helidays at Liège-Bierset some really nice visitors were expected. This years highlights are the two Irish participants, and the six EC.120's of the Spanish Air Force demonstration team Patrulla Aspa.


The weather forecast for today wasn't that good. Lots of rain was expected with some sunny spells. Therefore Mark and I decided not to go too early. As always the position of the sun is also very important, around four/five o'clock in the afternoon is the sun at it's best at Bierset. 


I picked up Mark around 10.45 at his holiday bungalow in Belgium and drove towards Liège-Bierset where we arrived around twelve o'clock. After writing down the numbers and a nice big bag of fries we had to take shelter for some rain showers. Later on the sun came through which resulted in a nice scenery with some dark clouds. Around six o'clock we left and drove back after a very successful afternoon at the Helidays.   (Click here for a full log)





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