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TLP 2007/02  Florennes AB,  12 March 2007

Our trip to Switzerland began at Florennes, where the second Tactical Leadership Program for the year was held. Around eight o'clock in the morning Maurice and I departed from Eindhoven towards Belgium. Because of some traffic jams it took three hours to reach Florennes. Despite that, we entered the base in time and after we got our photo-permission we walked towards the flightline.


Highlights of this TLP exercise were the four Spanish Hornets and the two Vipers of the Hellenic Air Force. But also the six French participants are very welcome. It was also the first time the Czech Air Force participated with their L-159's.


The weather was really great during our stay here so as you can see below we where able to take some pretty nice shots of the aircraft parked at the flightline. Unfortunately only one part of the flightline was good to take pictures of because of the position of the sun. The other part of the flightline can be seen during take off or while taxiing in. 


After we took the pictures at the flightline we went towards a nice spot close to the runway. They were using runway 08 so this made it possible to take some awesome take off shots. One of the most impressive take offs was of  the first Lakenheath Strike Eagle which stayed extremely low. Also the French participants stayed pretty low. During the departures of the TLP-participants also the Belgian QRA scrambled. Their take off was also awesome as they used only a third of the runway length by doing an intersection take off.


When all the TLP-participants got airborne we walked to our car to have a quick lunch. And only half an hour later the first aircraft already arrived. We found a nice spot close to the ATC tower which gave us a  good opportunity to take pictures of the aircraft taxiing back to their parking place. After all the aircraft were back, Mo and I decided to leave Florennes and drove to our second part of our 4-day trip. Around 8 o'clock in the evening we arrived at Ramstein AB where we did some shopping and had dinner at the local Burger King. Four hours later we left Ramstein AB and drove towards Switzerland.



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