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TLP 2007/01  Florennes AB,  30 January 2007

The nice TLP participation list and the visitors at Brussels National Airport - Zaventem-Melsbroek were two good reasons to plan a small trip to Belgium. Around 9 o'clock in the morning Angèl and I departed towards our first goal of this day, Zaventem-Melsbroek.


A few days before some nice visitors landed here and those were still present. Highlights were the Gulfstream IV of the Pakistan Air Force and a An-74TK of the Ukrainian Government. Unfortunately it was quite impossible to take good shots of these VIP-planes. However we did take some shots here at Zaventem. You'll find these shot below. After we had a small look at the military part of the airport where we also saw two nice visitors, a Swedish Gulfstream and a Italian Falcon 900EX, we drove towards Florennes.


When we arrived at Florennes the first TLP-airplanes already took off, so we drove around to find a nice spot in the landing area. Unfortunately the weather was very bad through out the day, so it was very hard to take good pictures.   (Click here for a full log)


Highlights of the first TLP of this year were the four Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000's, British Typhoons, Italian F-16's and the French Rafales. After most of the planes landed we left Florennes and drove towards Brussels again. Most of the aircraft already left. But one aircraft was a nice addition to what we saw earlier today, a Boeing 707 of the Romanian Government. After we took a shot of this one we drove towards Eindhoven to see the Hellenic C-130 and German C-160 which were parked there, and from there we drove home. 





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