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AIRE 06  Murcia-San Javier,  3/4 June 2006

On June the 3rd and the 4th the Spanish Air Force organized the AIRE 06 airshow at Murcia-San Javier. Murcia-San Javier houses the Acedemia General del Aire which has four squadrons. 791 Esc (Escuela Elemental) flying the T-35 Pillán and the C-127 (Do.27), 792 Esc (Escuela Navegación) which flies a single C-212, 793 Esc (Escuela Basica) which operates the C-101 and last but not least the 794 Esc which is the squadron of the Patrulla Aquila display team.


The first day of the weekend, June 3rd, a static display could be visited on Murcia-San Javier airbase. For the aircraft spotters a special treatment was arranged as you will read later on in the story. Sunday the 4th it was time for the airshow which was held along Lo Pagán beach near San Javier. Also here a special area was made for the aircraft spotters.


The airshow at Murcia-San Javier was  the main reasons for Angčl and I to plan a vacation to Spain. So we booked a 11 days vacation to Benidorm.   (Click here for a full log)



Static Display & Rehearsals

Murcia San-Javier, 3 June 2006


Flying Display

Lo Pagán Beach, 4 June 2006





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