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Tag der Heeresflieger  Bückeburg,  10 Sept. 2006

For the first time in almost thirty years a 'Flugtag' was held at Heeresflugplatz Bückeburg. At Bückeburg a big section of the Heeresfliegerwaffenschule (HFWS) is stationed which operates the CH-53G, UH-1D and EC-135. A small section of Bö-105s is also stationed at Heeresflugplatz Celle. Also stationed at Bückeburg is the Heeresfliegerversuchsstaffel (HFVS) 910 which also operates the Bö-105.


Around 9.30 o'clock in the morning Angèl and I departed towards Germany. Around 13 o'clock we arrived at the 'yellow' car parking. From here we were transferred to the airfield by bus. This all was very well arranged. As the second part of the flying display was planned at 15.00 o'clock we had some time to see the static display. At first it was really hard to take photos of the helicopters as the crowd was walking in and over the helicopters. The flying display was also very hard to take good pictures of in the beginning as the sun was still in our face. At the end of the show the conditions got better, which had some nice results. As you can see below.

After the flying display we decided to wait for the big crowd to go home. As the openday ended at 18.00 o'clock a lot of people left already at the end of the display. As you can see below the waiting paid off. Highlights of the show for me were the Mi-8PS Hip of the Finnish Air Force, the Norwegian Bell 412's and the French and German Tigers. So we were very happy we were able to take good pictures of it. Around 19.00 o'clock we arrived at our car parking and three and half hours later we arrived back home. A very big thanks go out to the organization for making this all possible, you guys did a great job.  
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