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Volkel in de Wolken,  28 May 2006

Some of you might have never heard about it, but Volkel in de Wolken (Volkel in the Clouds) is a yearly event which takes place in and over the village of Volkel which is also very close to Volkel AB. During this day a big market can be visited in the village and also an aerial display can be witnessed overhead an huge grass field. 


Despite the cloudy weather that was forecasted for today, Angèl and I went to the village of Volkel to see some of the air displays over there. Most of the participating aircraft are private owned aerobatic planes or historic planes.


As you'll see below I only took some pictures of my personal highlights. Besides the participation of the Dutch PC-7 demo team and of course the RNLAF F-16 demo team five F-16's from Volkel AB performed a nice fly-by. This was not only for Volkel in de Wolken, but also for a special ceremony at Margraten. Hope you'll enjoy watching them, and if you're close to Volkel next year, don't forget to come by.  (Click here for a small log of this event)





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