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Lechfeld,  4 May 2006

After a good night rest Mark and I drove very early in the morning towards the airbase of Lechfeld. We were told that it was very hard to find a nice spot for taking pictures. So after a short recce run around the airbase we tried our luck in the landing area of runway 03 together with two German spotters.


As you will see below the aircraft are sometimes still a bit high here but we tried to make the best of it. The first aircraft already departed around 8.30 o'clock in the morning and the last one of the first wave landed around 11.15 o'clock. The weather throughout the two days we stayed in Southern Germany was great, so we had some nice photo possibilities.


Less than two hours after the first wave the second wave already departed. Again it all started with the Turkish F-16's and the Turkish Phantoms followed by the Spanish Hornets and the Hellenic F-16's. And luckily also the Su-22 Fitters flew their second mission. Halfway the arrivals of the second wave the sun was on the other side of the aircraft.


After the Turkish F-16's and F-4E's landed again we decided to find another spot to take pictures. Thanks to some German spotters who did the same we found a nice spot close to the fence of the airbase. From here we were able to take some nice landing shots. When all the ELITE participants were on the ground we drove towards Landsberg to see the C-160's and some other ELITE participants. From here we headed home around 17.45 o'clock where we arrived seven hours later after driving 1908 kms in two days.



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