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Cross-service Exercise  Volkel AB,  12 April 2006

Finally after several years something nice was happening at Volkel AB. A cross-service exercise was held and today was the only flying day. Friday the 7th the first visitors already arrived at Volkel, three Turkish F-16's and two Italian Tornado's. But most of the visitors arrived on Monday. Highlights of the exercise were the Block-52 F-16's of the Hellenic Air Force, the Turkish F-16's and the four F-15E Strike Eagles.


At 9.45 o'clock the wave departed but as you will see on the pictures below the weather was not very good. It was pretty cloudy, but at least it didn't rain. After all the interesting stuff had departed we drove to another place to take picture of the landing aircraft. It lasted more than two hours till the first aircraft finally came back. So we had time enough to find a 'nice' place to take landing shots. As said before the weather wasn't as good as we hoped for. Only during the arrivals of the German Tornado's we had some sun. But during the arrival of the Hellenic and Turkish Vipers it was still cloudy. Despite that I'm still pretty happy with the shots I took.  (Click here for a full log)





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