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Luke Reserves at Spangdahlem AB,  6 April 2006

The deployment of twelve AFRC F-16's to Spangdahlem AB was the main reason for us to go there. Six jets of the 457th FS from Fort Worth, Texas and six of the 302nd FS from Luke AFB, Arizona were present here for the Brilliant Arrow Exercise. On April 6th Angèl and I departed around 9.30 o'clock in the morning towards Spangdahlem AB. After we entered the base we drove to a nice parking place close to the tower, from here we saw the first wave depart. Around 13.30 o'clock we visited Fire Department One where we had a large tour. And afterwards we visited Fire Department Three (which is close to the AMC-ramp). Special thanks go out to Mr. Woods and Mr. Ackerman.


Around 16.30 o'clock we parked the car near the tower again and watched the next wave come airborne. The local F-16's and A-10's were flying pretty good, but unfortunately the TX and LR-jets didn't fly at all. The Luke Reserves were parked on the visitor ramp. Throughout the day we didn't see any sign of the Texas-jets. Pretty disappointing, but we were lucky enough to take some nice shots of the Luke Reserves.    (Click here for a log)





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