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Langley AFB, VA  Airshow  13/14 May 2005

After visiting NAS Norfolk and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel we drove towards Langley AFB to visit the twilight show. We arrived here around 5 o'clock in the afternoon and decided to take some pictures of the static show first. Unfortunately the twilight airshow was not as good as we hoped, so we left around 7.30 o'clock and went looking for a nice restaurant. After a fantastic dinner at the Lone Star restaurant we drove back to NAS Oceana and went to bed early.


The next morning we got up early again and after a short look at the flightline at NAS Oceana we drove towards Langley AFB for the big show. We arrived very early and were able to gain access to the base half an hour before it opened for public by our military IDs. This resulted in some nice clear shots of the static display. When we were done taking pictures of the static we found a nice spot along the taxiway. From here we were able to take some shots on the runway, however in the afternoon we had some problems with the heat waves. During the day we were able to take some nice shots of the aircraft taxiing in after their show.


The weather in the morning was not that good, but later on it was better and better. The show was very good, some nice passes and a fantastic high speed pass of the F/A-18F Super Hornet. Unfortunately was one of the Thunderbirds pilots sick which resulted in only a 5-ship formation show. Their show was very disappointing, but better luck next time. After the show we again drove back to NAS Oceana where we ate dinner at the Rice King at the Naval Exchange. From here Mo and I drove the to the flightline to see whether there were some new visitors. This was not the case so we went to our room.

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