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MCAS Cherry Point, NC  Airshow  7 May 2005

From New Bern, NC, where we stayed for the night, it's only a few miles to MCAS Cherry Point, where during the weekend an airshow was held. The gates opened around 8 o'clock and from the car we were already able to read the first aircraft of that day. First we walked down static and afterwards we found a nice spot on the tribune. From here we had a nice view on the taxiway and were able to take some very nice shots of the airshow as well. As some of you might see I made a stupid mistake. Half the shots I took during the airshow were taken at ISO 800.


The highlights of the show were the airpower display, which included a cable landing of a F/A-18D, and of course the Blue Angels. After the Blue Angels landed we started our walk back to the car, unfortunately Maurice and I lost Mark, so we had to wait for him at the car for almost an hour. Now we had another problem, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam on base. However this gave us plenty time to have a look a the Naval Air Depot at Cherry Point. Unfortunately we were only able to read four CH-53s and three of the thirteen CH-46s parked there.


When we finally got under way, we drove 300 miles to Shaw AFB where we thought we already booked a room. We entered the base in the middle of the night without any problems but unfortunately they had no rooms available for us. Everything in the neighborhood was full because of a NASCAR race in Darlington (80 miles north-east of Shaw AFB). Luckily we found a nice place to sleep at the Days Inn in Sumter, only a few miles for Shaw AFB.

Shaw AFB, SC  8 May 2005


After a good rest at our Days Inn Hotel in Sumter we got out of bed around 7.30 o'clock. We drove directly to Shaw AFB and without any problems we entered the base with our military IDs. Because it was Sunday it was very quiet at the base which made it very easy to read all the F-16s. At the end of the flightline we also found some very nice F-16s of the Vermont ANG under some sun sheds. These ANG fighters are stationed at Shaw AFB to perform a QRA task. Including these nice Vermont F-16s we read more than 50 Vipers during a short visit at Shaw AFB which lasted only 40 minutes. Unfortunately there was no one available to ask for a photo permission so we left the base without taking any pictures.


McEntire AFB, SC  8 May 2005


Very close to Shaw AFB is the South Carolina ANG base McEntire AFB. Here we didn't try to gain access to the base, but we just went looking for a nice place to see the aircraft from outside the fence. Although McEntire AFB is surrounded by trees we were pretty lucky we found a nice place along a very small dirt road which gave us a nice view on the ramp. Despite the heat waves we were able to read nine South Carolina ANG F-16s, but again we were not able to take any pictures of them. From McEntire AFB we drove towards Charleston AFB, SC. This story, and much more can be read on the next page.


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