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USA East Coast Tour,  3-16 May 2005

Finally after a few months of planning we departed on May 3rd 2005 from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Washington-Dulles IAP. Unfortunately most of our request for base visit were denied by the local authorities. That left us the only chance: gain access to most airbases we had to use our military ID's. As you will read in the following pages we succeeded at most airbases and stayed overnight at some airbases, including five night at NAS Oceana.


After a flight of 8 hours we arrived at Washington-Dulles IAP, where we picked up our rental car, a Chevrolet Trailblazer. From this point our 2 week East Coast tour started. We visited around 25 airbases, including the airshows at MCAS Cherry Point and Langley AFB.


Besides these airbases we visited we also had some spare time to visit Manhattan and Washington D.C. Ofcourse I took a lot of pictures during this tour, so this is only a small collection of them. I hope you enjoy them!! (Click here for a full log)




         McGuire AFB, NJ

       New York City, NY




NAS JRB Willow Grove, PA

Martin State IAP, MD

MCAS Quantico, VA

Richmond IAP, VA



MCAS Cherry Point, NC


Shaw AFB, SC

McEntire AFB, SC


            Charleston AFB, SC

            MCAS Beaufort, SC

            Pope AFB, NC

          Seymour Johnson AFB, NC



     MCAS New River, NC

   MCAS Cherry Point, NC

USCGAS Elizabeth City, NC

         Langley AFB, VA


NAS Oceana, VA



NAS Norfolk, VA

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


            Langley AFB, VA





NAS Oceana, VA



National Air & Space Museum

Washington, D.C.

NAS Patuxent River, MD



01 - Washington-Dulles IAP, Virginia

02 - Dover AFB, Delaware

03 - Wilmington AP, Delaware

04 - Atlantic City IAP, New Jersey

05 - McGuire AFB, New Jersey

06 - USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York

07 - NAS JRB Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

08 - Martin State IAP, Maryland

09 - Andrews AFB, Maryland

10 - MCAS Quantico, Maryland

11 - Richmond IAP, Virginia

12 - MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina

13 - Shaw AFB, South Carolina

14 - McEntire AFB, South Carolina

15 - Charleston AFB, South Carolina

16 - MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina

17 - Pope AFB, North Carolina

18 - Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina

19 - MCAS New River, North Carolina

20 - USCGAS Elizabeth City, North Carolina

21 - NAS Oceana, Virginia

22 - NAS Norfolk, Virginia

23 - Langley AFB, Virginia

24 - National Air & Space Museum Washington, D.C.

25 - NAS Patuxent River, Maryland




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