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Archangel Airshow  Tanágra,  16-18 September 2005

Αεροπορική Επίδειξη Αρχάγγελος  16-18 Σεπτεμβρίσυ 2005


When I first heard the Hellenic Air Force was organizing an airshow for the first time, I immediately knew I wanted to be there!! Within a few days Mo, Fred, Paul and I booked a flight to Athens. Long time it was unclear what to expect from the airshow, as not much was known at the time. So we were hoping for the best. After a few months of waiting it was finally time to drive to Colonge to catch our flight to Athens. Our plane departed around seven o'clock in the morning and less than three hours later we arrived at Aerodromio Athinon Eleftherios Venizelos.


When we arrived at the airport of Athens we picked up our rental car and began our three day tour through Greece. To give you a clear overview of the airbases we visited and what kind of aircraft we saw during the days, I decided to make a total of six pages you can those from. Hope you have as much fun reading and watching these pages as I had making them.  (Click here for a full log)





      16 September 2005




16 September 2005



Tanágra Airshow

17 September 2005





                    Tanágra Airshow

               18 September 2005







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