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Base Visit  Wittmund AB,  5 October 2005

In the early morning of October 5th, Remco and I drove towards Wittmund AB. We had two days off from work and decided to visit Wittmund AB on our first day and Leeuwarden AB on the second day. Unfortunately we made a wrong choice because of the weather conditions on the 6th. Anyway, we arrived around nine o'clock in the morning at Wittmund AB in Germany. After a short 'recce' around the airfield we decided to go on base. We did send a fax to some people of air traffic control a few days earlier but never got any response on that. We went to base ops, to ask whether they received our fax and whether it would be possible to take some pictures of the based aircraft.


Half an hour later we were driving in a 'follow me' car towards a hangar where some F-4s were parked. Unfortunately it was only possible to take some pictures of the two Phantoms inside this hangar. This made it not easy to take decent pictures of them. Luckily we were also allowed to take some pictures of the BAe Flight Systems A-4's which are also based here at Wittmund AB. Later on we tried our luck from outside the base.   (Click for a log)




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