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Czech Intern. Air Fest  Brno-Tuřany,  11 Sept. 2005

On September 10th Mike, Niels and I left very early in the morning towards the Czech Republic. The first stop on our way was made at Frankfurt-Main Airport. Unfortunately only two USAF C-17's were present here. After a quick meal at the McDonalds we drove further towards the Czech border, where we arrived at three o'clock.


From the here we first drove towards the airfield of Plzen-Líně to see some W-3's. Unfortunately it was very hard to find the airfield and after searching for almost an hour we decided to leave. In the town of Líně we saw a MiG-19 mounted on some poles. After taking some pictures of it we drove towards Praha-Kbely. It was already seven o'clock when we arrived at the airfield of Praha-Kbely. And it was really raining cats and dogs, so it was hard to read the airplanes that were stored near the museum. Luckily we did manage to read some of the operation aircraft. From here we drove towards Brno, where I already booked an hotel to spent the night. Here we arrived around ten o'clock after driving 1226 kms this day.


The next morning we got up early again to visit the Czech International Air Fest at Brno-Tuřany. Around eight o'clock we arrived at the parking area and from here we were taken to the airfield by bus. Unfortunately the weather was very cloudy all day long so it was very hard to take some good pictures.


First we started to write down the numbers of the aircraft on static display and took a few pictures. From here we walked to the beginning of the spectator area where we had a nice few on the taxi track and the runway. The fences along the display line are very high, so this was the only place to take pictures of aircraft on the runway without a ladder. The show began around eleven o'clock with some fly-by's of Mi-17s, Mi-35s, L-159s and Gripens. The highlights of the show for me were the Russian Swifts, the Super Galeb's and Orao's of Serbia & Montenegro Air Force. Around three o'clock we decided to go back to the static again to take some shots. An hour later we walked back to the bus and in no time we arrived at our car. We were surprised about the fact that there was no traffic jam at all. So a big applause goes out to the organization.


After the show at Brno-Tuřany we drove towards the airfield of Náměšť nad Oslavou hoping to see something from outside. Unfortunately we didn't see any active airplanes, but we were able to see a Su-25 and two Su-7's stored here. From here we headed to Praha to make a short stop at the McDonalds to have some dinner. And from there we drove all the way back home, where we arrived around 5.30 o'clock in the morning, after driving 2465 kms in two days.   (Click here for a full log)




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