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Spottersday  Kleine Brogel AB, 20 July 2005

They did it again!! Just like last year a spottersday was held at Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium on July 20th. The organization did a fantastic job again this year. Some very rare visitors were present, simply making a fuel stop on their way back home from the RIAT at Fairford or taking part in the large COMAO exercise that was held during this day. This year I visited the spottersday at Kleine Brogel AB with my very good friend Angèl. 


The weather was very unstable, but the nice and sunny moments during the day were more then welcome to take some cool shots. The static and the flightline were again very good to take pictures. No fences close to the aircraft. And the aircraft were not to close to each other. A very good job of the organization!!


The highlights of the static show were the former Eastern European aircraft. Like the Polish Su-22 Fitter and the four Romanian MiG-21's. Although I saw them already at Fairford during the RIAT, they were very welcome.


During the day some aircraft of the Belgian Air Force did some air displays. But the best was still to come! Around 2 o'clock the COMAO exercise started with the departure of approx. 30 aircraft. This was one the the highlights during the day. Especially the participation of the Hellenic Air Force Corsairs, the French Navy Rafales and Super Etendards and the Czech Alca's. After the departure of all the participating aircraft Angèl and I walked to the end of the runway to find a spot to take some taxi shots. Despite the very large group of spotters which were already positioned over there we found a nice spot.   (Click here for a log)




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