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Belgian Helidays  Liège-Bierset,  4 June 2005

This years Belgian Helidays was held during the first weekend of June. After a very positive experience during my last visit in 2003, I was convinced to go there again. This year I went there with my good friend Mark Verstraaten. We decided not to leave to early as the sun in not in the best position during the morning. When we arrived in the early afternoon, we first wrote down the serials of the helicopters parked at the static display.


The weather was very unstable that day. Some very heavy rain showers were followed by some nice sunny spells. This resulted in some nice sunny shots with very dark skies. After the first rain shower Mark and I took our first shots. During the second heavy rain shower Mark and I went inside the tent to eat some fries. When it was dry again, we again took some nice sunny shots.


Unfortunately there were not as many highlights as last time. The Irish Air Corps SA.365  was the real highlight of the day. But also the Austrian participants and the Slovenian Bell 412 were very welcome.   (Click here for a full log of the day)




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