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TLP 2005/02  Florennes AB,  17 March 2005

From February 28th till March 24th the second Tactical Leadership Program was held at Florennes AB. The participation of the Hellenic Air Force F-4E's was for me the main reason to go there. So on the 17th, me and my friend Bart left around 7.45h in the morning towards Belgium. Our first stop was made at Eindhoven where an Italian B.707 was parked for the TLP.  From there we drove via Li├Ęge (where we apparently missed a Saudi Air Force Hercules) to Florennes AB. When we reached the spotters corner the first two Hellenic Phantoms were already taxing, so we had to run towards the fence. An hour later the rest of the participating aircraft departed.


The weather was very windy but most of the time sunny, so I was able to take some nice shots. Unfortunately the grass was pretty high along the taxi track, so it was hard to take good taxi shots. After all the TLP aircraft landed we drove towards Brussel-Zaventem Airport, where we ended a nice day of spotting.  (Click here for a full log)




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