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KLu Opendays  Volkel AB,  16-21 June 2004

Almost four years after the last Opendays at Volkel AB, The KLu Opendays were held at Volkel AB again. Just like four years ago I had the privileges to work at the local control bunker along the runway during both the arrival day, the opendays and the departure days.

As the local control bunker (LCB) is very close to the runway and almost one kilometer from the public area, I was the only one during the opendays who had the  opportunity to take shots from this location. A big thanks therefore goes out to my boss, for giving me this opportunity.

The first aircraft for the opendays arrived on Wednesday the 16th, but most arrivals were the day after. I was present during all six day of the event. During both opendays I was able to visit the show area for some short periods. During these short visits I took the opportunity to take some sunny shots of the aircraft parked at the static display. Below you'll find four links to approximately 300 shots taken during these six days.   (Click here for a full log)





   Arrivals & Rehearsals

       16/17 June 2004




KLu Opendays

18/19 June 2004





20/21 June 2004




Static Display           

19 June 2009           





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