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NATO Tiger Meet Schleswig-Jagel,  30 August 2004

The main reason of this tour was the Ronneby-Kallinge Airshow held yesterday. A full report of this airshow can be found here. After a good night rest at the ETAP Hotel in Flensburg we drove towards Schleswig-Jagel were this years NTM was held. The Monday of our visit most of the participants arrived.


After we found a nice spot in the landing area we waited for the things to come. The first Tornadoes took off around 10.30h in the morning for a local mission. The first to arrived were some Tornadoes of the JBG 32 from Lechfeld. Followed by some very nice participants from Switzerland and Turkey. It was also a great sight to see the US KC-135 in tiger markings. We almost missed the arrival of the Spanish Mirages as we went to a store to buy some meals. Luckily we were just in time to catch them on photo.


Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as we hoped for, with lots of clouds. Later in the afternoon the weather got worse, with some heavy rain and hail showers. So we went to the next airfield, Kiel-Holtenau, see here.   (Click here for a log)




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