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Ronneby-Kallinge Airshow,  29 August 2004

The day prior the Ronneby-Kallinge Airshow, Maurice, Remco and I left for Sweden. We first made some stops at some airbases in Germany. A full report of these visits can be found here. Late in the evening we arrived at Karlshamn where we stayed in a hotel.


The next day we got up early and drove towards the main gate of Ronneby-Kallinge Airbase where they expected us around nine o'clock. We subscribed for the special spotters facilities, which made it possible for us to enter the base early and to enter the flightlines. Unfortunately it was very hard to take good shots at the main flightline as most aircraft were to close. The helicopter flightline was not accessible but it was possible to take some shots here. I was very happy to see two Hkp-4s parked out there.


Around 10.30h a bus brought us from the flightlines to the spectator area where a special area was marked for the spotters. This was probably one of the best spots along the fence and they even arranged free lunch and drinks for everybody. Before the airshow started I first walked around the static show.

After I wrote down all the serials of the aircraft parked at the static and inside the hangars I walked back to the spotters area. It was a small but nice airshow with lots of different Swedish material. Besides the shows of the Draken and Viggen the helicopter displays were really one of the highlights. A Hkp-4 even picked up an old Volvo, which was dropped from 200ft. Those crazy Swedish!!

Unfortunately we were facing the sun from three o'clock which made it harder to take good shots. Therefore we decided to leave the spotters area and found ourselves a spot which was a little better. The flying display ended with some very nice fly-by's of all kinds of Swedish aircraft. Before we walked back to the car we walked around the static display again to take some shots of the aircraft parked out there. After a ride of almost six hours we arrived at the Etap Hotel of Flensburg where we stayed for the night. The next day we visited Schleswig-Jagel to witness the arrivals of the NATO Tiger Meet. A full report of this visit can be found here (Click here for a full log)




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