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Hohn, Kiel-Holtenau and Wunstorf,  28-31 Aug. 2004

In the early morning of August the 28th Maurice, Remco and I left for Sweden. The Royal Swedish Air Force organized an airshow at Ronneby-Kallinge, a show you don't want to miss. On our way to Sweden we made our first stop at Kiel-Holtenau. Unfortunately we didn't see any aircraft/helicopter parked outside, so we decided not to stay to long here.


The second stop of the day was at Hohn. This airbase houses the LTG 63 flying the C-160 Transall and some UH-1Ds. At this base you have a very nice few on the ramp and from various positions along the fence it is possible to take shots of the Transalls parked at the ramp. The weather was perfect during our stop here, so we were able to take some nice shots. We had a nice score at Hohn, with fifteen Transalls and a UH-1D which was pulled out of a hangar.


From Hohn we drove further to Ronneby where we arrived late in the evening. A full report of the Ronneby-Kallinge Airshow can be found here.


After a very nice day at Ronneby we drove back to Germany where we visited the arrivals of the NATO Tiger Meet 2004 held at Schleswig-Jagel. A report of this visit can be found here. Since we didn't see any aircraft/helicopter at Kiel-Holtenau two days ago we decided to give it another try, before heading to Hamburg for our hotel. This time we had a different approach, we tried our luck at the gate. Here it was no problem to enter the base, and before we knew we saw the first Sea Kings parked at the ramp. We were even allowed to take some shots of these nice camouflaged helicopters from the edge of the ramp. Thanks a lot guys!


The next day (my birthday) we got up early again as we had some other airfield on our wish list for today. Our first stop was planned at the German Army base Fassberg. After our experiences at Kiel-Holtenau yesterday, we decided to use the same tactics. Without any problems we entered the base read more than forty helicopters. Unfortunately the it was raining during our visit, so we didn't tried to get a photo permission. The second airfield of the day was Celle, also used by the German Army. Here, same story! No problems to get on base and a very nice score of 31 Bö-105s.


After two very successful base visits at Fassberg and Celle we drove a little further to the Dutch border. The next airbase we stopped was Wunstorf, which houses the LTG 62 equipped with Transalls. First we tried to score as much as possible from outside the fence. However it was very hard to read the C-160s as they were parked behind each other. Therefore we tried to enter this base as well. It was not as easy as the Army bases we visited today, but we did succeed. In total we had a score of 17 Transalls at this airbase. Here we tried to get a photo permission, which was pretty hard as we had to enter the apron to take shots. In the end we had permission to take some quick shots of one white Transall. Not the best shot I ever took, but thanks for the help anyway!


Next stop, Bückeburg! This base houses the training unit of the German Army. First we tried to read some helicopters from outside the fence, but soon we discovered it was much easier to read them on base. So again we tried to enter the base, and again we succeeded. Here we had again a very nice self guided tour, and with some help of the employees we were able to have a look in some hangars as well. Besides the lots of instructional aircraft we had a score of twelve CH-53s, fourteen EC.135s, 26 Alouette IIs and eighteen UH-1s. What a score!! Many thanks go out to those who helped us on base.


The last stop of the day was at Hopsten. We hoped to see some night flying operations here, but everything looked quiet here. So we only scored one dumped Phantom here. After a quick stop at the first McDonalds we saw in the Netherlands, we drove back home.  After we dropped off Remco in Heteren, we got a phone call that a UAE An-124 was parked at Eindhoven. This was a good reason for Mo and me to continue our ride to Eindhoven to see the last aircraft of the day. Finally we arrived home late in  the evening, after driving 2738 kms in four days. What a giant score we had this day, and what a nice birthday present. A very big thanks goes out to Maurice and Remco for a very pleasant tour around Germany, Denmark and Sweden.   (Click here for a full log)





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